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This page is intended to provide more practical information for the customer, and provide supplimental information in addition to our Terms and Conditions that can be found here:

Amigo Foods (and Premier Trading Co Ltd) operate and comply with the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act.

This page sets out some practical steps in the event of;

1. Contents of package are damaged

2. Products that have been received are different to those that were ordered.

3. Products purchased have a subsequent defect.

4. You want to return a product for another reason other than damaged.

Damages: We have had the occasional package arrive damaged, where the damage occured during the handling and care of the courier company CourierPost. It is not common but it sometimes happens. All items in your order leave our warehouse in good condition, so when items get damaged its always occurs while being delivered. To help us make a damages claim from CourierPost please open your package and inspect all your items BEFORE YOU SIGN FOR IT.  If any item is damaged, please let the courier driver know its damaged, and DO NOT SIGN or ACCEPT THE ORDER

Please take a photo of any items that were damanged.  Notify us straight away and we can resend your order.

If you receive your order and sign for it, you or Amigo Foods will be unable to claim for damages from CourierPost if you later discover there are damaged items in your package.

in summary;

1. Open and inspect the package in front of the courier driver.  If the contents are in good conndition, please then sign your acceptance with the courier.

1a. If any of the contents are damaged, please mention this to the courier driver and ask for the package to be returned.  Do not accept delivery, and do not sign acceptance.

Products are different to those ordered: If we have mistakenly sent you the wrong item (different to the product code) or the incorrect number of items, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange for the correct items to be send, and if necessary have any incorrect items returned.

Products (accessories) that have arrived in good condition, but have developed a defect.  Please let us know by email and we'll do our best to help.  In some cases this may be a case of a manufacturer defect that was not known at the time of purchase.  

You wish to return an item that for another reason other than damage (or any of the above).  Unfortunately we cannot return and refund any food or beverage item that has been opened and you didn't like the taste of (for health reasons). If you purchase an accessory and subsequently decide that you wish to change it or ask for a refund, we may review your case.  If we do accept items for return, the items must be returned in good condition at your cost, and we will only give a voucher for the value of the items purchased which can be used for a subsequent purchase.  However under the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act, Amigo Foods has no obligation to provide a refund for items that you have purchased and later decided you don't like / want.  For more information, please see here: