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Accessories for your yerba mate, such as gourds, mates and bombillas, thermos and storage tins.

Brand: Taragui Product Code: BOM020
A drinking straw known as a Bombilla. Made from Alpaca (German Silver) and made in Argentina. Has an approximate length of 19cm.Perfect for drinking Argentinian style yerba.  May not work as well with yerba mate from Uruguay or Brasil...
$15.95 $19.95
Brand: Playadito Product Code: Play-KIT
Kit playadito: includes a stainless steel bombilla, a glass gourd covered with leather and yerba mate Playadito. All packed in a beautiful box...
Mate Small aluminium
In Stock
Product Code: MAT002
A beautiful contemporary Mate Gourd, made from turned wood with an aluminium outer cover. This mate is a smaller convenient size, perfect for your morning drink! Because of its design, its extremely durable and perfect to pack away and take on your travels. Its approx 10cm in height. This is a..
Mate turned wood Algarrobo
Out Of Stock
Product Code: MAT2740
Hand made, turned wood Algarrobo mate, for drinking yerba mate in the traditional way. Mate cups made of Algarrobo are popular because this sweet, fragrant wood contributes to the flavour, especially when used over time.Algarrobo is a tropical hardwood and is perfect for drinking mate as it does..
$24.95 $27.95
Brand: Playadito Product Code: Play-TER
Playadito Thermo. Ideal for mate. It has a special pourer that leads the water avoiding having a mess in your gourd and making your yerba mate lasting longer.Plastic cover with an inside made of glass. Very resistant and mantains water hot for up to 24 hrs...
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Brand: Taragui Product Code: TAR016
A complete kit containing a Glass & Leather Gourd, Stainless Steel drinking Straw (bombilla) and 1/2 KG of Taragui Red Yerba Mate. Everything you need to start drinking Yerba Mate the Traditional Way in a great gift Pack...
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