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Adobo La Tucumana 45g
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Product Code: TUC001
Dried herbs and spices carefully chosen and combined so you can make your own Adobo Salsa. This is also useful as a rub on meat, chicken or fish.  Dried spices 45g...
Brand: Amanda Product Code: AMAND-1KG
A very traditional yerba mate from Argentina produced with leaves and stems. Amanda has been producing yerba mate in the Missiones region, north eastern Argentina, for more than 90 years.Amanda yerba mate is very popular, and is known for its traditional flavour.  This blend contains stems (con..
Amargo Terma Cuyano 1.25lt
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Product Code: TERM04
Developed in 1931, it is said that tribes from the American Southwest prepared a drink based on the maceration of wild herbs thought by them to have invigorating and energizing qualities. Drink it cold with ice, soda water or regular water and maybe even a slice of lemon.Great substitute for alcohol..
Amargo Terma Patagonico 1.25L
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Brand: Terma Product Code: TERM-PAT
Amargo Terma PatagonicoDelicious non-alcoholic berverage made of herba from the Argentine Patagonia including junpier, gentian, Chilean wildberry, rosemary and elderflower.Great mixed with sparkling water, non-alcoholic...
Brand: Barao Product Code: BAR-TRA1K
Barao traditional (yellow pack)Brazilian erva mate, no stems and vacum sealed.Pack 1 Kg..
Bizcocho Don Satur salt 200g
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Brand: Don Satur Product Code: DSAT-SAL
Bizcocho Don Satur salt 200gBizcochos Don Satur para acompañar los mates..
Bocadito Cabsha unit
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Brand: Cabsha Product Code: CABSH-01
Bocadito Cabsha unitBocadito made with a wafler, caramel and slight drop of rum and covered in chocolate....yummy!..
Bocadito Marroc unit
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Brand: Marroc Product Code: MARROC-01
Bocadito Marroc unitBocadito made with peanut, chocolate, milk and almonds(contains soy derivates)..
Brand: Sugus Product Code: SUGUS-01
Bolsa Caramelos sugus, incluye: anana, limon, manzana, menta, frutilla y naranja.Bag of mixed soft lollies, 700g..
Brand: Taragui Product Code: BOM020
A drinking straw known as a Bombilla. Made from Alpaca (German Silver) and made in Argentina. Has an approximate length of 19cm.Perfect for drinking Argentinian style yerba.  May not work as well with yerba mate from Uruguay or Brasil...
$15.95 $19.95
Box of Bon o bon traditional 450 gr
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Brand: Bon o bon Product Code: BON-TRAD02
Box of Bon o bon tradicional. Bonbons made of peanut, waffler and covered in chocolate.Light and tasty treat. The price is for a full box of 450g (aprox 30 bonbons)..
Box of Bon o bon White 450 gr
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Brand: Bon o bon Product Code: BON-BLAN02
Chocolate Bon o bon White 450gPeanut paste in a wafler covered with white chocolateBox of 450g (contains aprox 30 units)..
Brand: Canarias Product Code: CAN-ESP
Canarias edicion especialYerba mate made from the careful selection of leaves and a delicate balance of sticks and powder...
Brand: Canarias Product Code: CAN001
Yerba Mate Canarias is a Pure Leaf Yerba Mate produced in Brazil, with a traditional flavour. It is Uruguay's most popular and most consumed brand of Yerba Mate.  Canarias is produced in Brasil for the Uruguayan market.  Its is a pure leaf blend, very finely cut leaves and polvo (p..
Brand: CBSe Product Code: CBSE-SERR1K
Yerba Hierbas Serranas x1kg..
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Brand: CBSe Product Code: CBS003
It has the perfect mix of yerba mate and refreshing herbs. CBSé Herbs from Cuyo is the ideal companion for sweet snacks, pepitas cookies or pasta frola cake due to highlights of the sweetness of the herbs.INGREDIENTS: Yerba Mate, penniroyal, boldo, fenenl, incayuyo, coriander, chamomile, mint, herba..
$18.50 $21.95
Brand: Dos Anclas Product Code: CHI-2ANCL
Chimichurri Dos AnclasSpices powder to prepare chimichurri. Just add half cup of warm water, lemon juice and olive oil and let it sit. Flavour your meats or vegetablesKeep in the fridge afterwards...
Chimichurri La Tucumana 45g
In Stock
Product Code: TUC002
Dried herbs and spices for making your own chimichurri salsa or meat rub. Great for summer bbq's or traditional Argentine asados. Use as a rub for meat, chicken or fish.Net weight 45g..
Brand: Cruz De Malta Product Code: CRUZ-MAL1
Another very popular yerba mate from Argentina.  It is well known for its traditional cut (leaves and stems) and its classic flavour.1Kg Cruz de Malta Yerba MateProduct Details:Net Weight: 1Kg Shipping weight 1.2Kg.Ahora Cruz de Malta tiene Hojas más Grandes, que hacen que su sabor dure más mat..
Brand: Del Cebador Product Code: DEL001
One of the most popular yerba mates blends in Uruguay. A pure leaf cut with just the perfect amount of powder (polvo) to give it that distinctive Uruguayan traditional flavour. Del Cebador has a much noticeable refined boutique and sophisticated hand crafted flavour to it. Its is known to have a s..
Brand: San Ignacio Product Code: DDL-SI
Dulce de Leche- Milk Caramel San Ignacio, authentic Argentinean recipe from Santa Fe province. San Ignacio is a leading company making the best dulce de leche since 1939.Glass Jar 450g..
Brand: Exquisita Product Code: EXQUIS-DDL
Powder to prepare Flan Dulce de Leche, easy to use.How to use it: Mix the contents of the pack in 1 L of milk, mix until there are no lumps. Place in the stove until the milk boils always mixing. Pour in a container, place in the fridge and let it sit for a couple of hours...
Brand: Exquisita Product Code: EXQUIS-VAI
Powder to prepare Flan Vainilla flavoured.How to use it: mix the contents of the pack in 1 L of milk, mix until there are no lumps. Place in the stove until the milk boils always mixing. Pour in a container, place in the fridge and let it sit for a couple of hours..
Brand: Cerealitas Product Code: CEREAL01
Galletas Cerealitas 200 gr. Cookies with cereal. Best Before: 06/12/2019..
Brand: Tita Product Code: TITA
Tita. Classic Argentinean chocolate cookies filled with lemon cream.One unit...
Galletitas chocolinas 170 gr
Out Of Stock
Brand: Bagley Product Code: CHO-GALL
Galletitas chocolinas 170 gr. Chocolate cookies great to make chocotorta!..
Brand: Melba Product Code: MELBA
Galletitas Melba x120gr. Chocolate cookies filled with lemon cream...
Brand: Merengada Product Code: COOK_MER
Galletitas MerengadasVanilla cookies filled with mashmallow-type filling, delicious!..
Brand: Bagley Product Code: BAGLEY
Galletitas Surtido Bagley. Great selection of the best Bagley cookies including chocolinas, merengadas, coquitas, melba, panchitas and more....
Brand: Playadito Product Code: Play-KIT
Kit playadito: includes a stainless steel bombilla, a glass gourd covered with leather and yerba mate Playadito. All packed in a beautiful box...
Brand: Kraus Product Code: KRA_TB
Kraus Certified Organic Yerba Mate in Tea Bags, 50g..
KRAUS, Gaucho pure leaves (500g)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Kraus Product Code: KGAU-500
KRAUS, Gaucho pure leaves (500g)Yerba mate pure leaves with low powder content, strong for the connoiseur...
Brand: Kraus Product Code: KO-PL500
KRAUS, Certified organic Pure Leaf Yerba Mate (500g) with low powder. ..
Brand: Kraus Product Code: KO-500
KRAUS, Organic Yerba Mate (500g). Certified organic and fair trade yerba mate with stems...
Brand: Kraus Product Code: KSIL-500
KRAUS, Silvestre Yerba Mate (500g)Yerba mate with stems and peppermint, soft and delicate to accompany your afternoons...
Brand: Las Marias Product Code: LM500x3
Try the wonderful range of gourmet yerba mate from Las Marias: La Merced Campo, La Merced Monte and La Merced Barbacua, BUY 3 FOR THE PRICE OF 2!!!!Each pack is 500g, total 1.5 Kg..
Brand: La Merced Product Code: MER-BBQ-0.5
Yerba La Merced barbacua, 500 gr. Barbacua method of drying contributes to the strong smoky array of flavors, taking your mind to a wilderness, where life feels way more exciting. If you ever enjoyed sitting in front of the campfire in the middle of the forest you will love this mate, but new d..
Brand: La Merced Product Code: MER-CAM-0.5
La Merced "De Campo" This is the best tasting Argentine style yerba mate. La Merced de Campo is a limited edition yerba mate from Las Marias (the producers of Taragui).  The leaves are specially selected and processed and the result is an exceptional yerba mate.  It retains it ..
Brand: La Merced Product Code: MER-MON-0.5
Limited production from Las Marias. Hand harvested in the lowlands of Misiones. With stems, a must try for Yerba Mate enthusiast.  Net Weight 500g..
Brand: La Parmesana Product Code: LAP001
La Parmesana CHIMICHURRI promises quality, taste and convenience! A delicate blend of oregano, red bell pepper, parsley, paprika & garlic. Chimichurri is traditionally used as an accompaniment to barbecued meat, as a marinade, dipping sauce and even as a salad dressing!..
Out Of Stock
Brand: La Parmesana Product Code: LAP006
La Parmesana CHIMICHURRI HOT is a synonym for quality, taste and convenience! A delicate blend of oregano, red bell pepper, parsley, paprika, garlic with hot chili. Chimichurri is traditionally used as an accompaniment to barbecued meat, as a marinade, dipping sauce and even as a salad dressing..
Brand: La Selva Product Code: SEL001
Yerba Mate La Selva Tradicional is obtained through a careful selection process, drying, processing and packaging, to achieve the unique flavor of the traditional Uruguayan mate in a product of unsurpassed quality.La Selva is a typical Uruguayan pure leaf yerba mate, produced in Brasil for the Urugu..
Product Code: LIEBIG-0.5
LIEBIG Original yerba mate with stems. This is the premium yerba mate from Cooperativa Liebig (Playadito)..
Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-ES-1K
Mate Rojo Especial  1 KgYerba mate with stems, aged for 24 months smooth and delicate, like no other!..
Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-LN250
Mate Rojo Linen Bag 250gYerba mate with stems in a cute linen bag, hand made...
Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-LN500
Mate Rojo Linen Bag 500g    Yerba Mate with stems in a cute linen bag, hand made...
Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-Sua-1K
Mate Rojo Suave 1 KgYerba mate with stems and low powder, aged for 24 months..
Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-TER500
Mate Rojo Terere 500g. Yerba mate with stems, very low powder content. Ideal to drink mate cold (terere)..
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