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Brand: Havanna Product Code: HAVA-01
We now have the best brand of alfajores....Alfajores Havanna!!Havanna is one of the most iconic brands of alfajores, artisanal made in Mar del Plata (Argentina).Box of 6 Havanna alfajores covered in chocolate.360g..
Brand: Amanda Product Code: AMAND-1KG
A very traditional yerba mate from Argentina produced with leaves and stems. Amanda has been producing yerba mate in the Missiones region, north eastern Argentina, for more than 90 years.Amanda yerba mate is very popular, and is known for its traditional flavour.  This blend contains stems (con..
Brand: Sugus Product Code: SUGUS-01
Bolsa Caramelos sugus, incluye: anana, limon, manzana, menta, frutilla y naranja.Bag of mixed soft lollies, 700g..
Brand: Taragui Product Code: BOM020
A drinking straw known as a Bombilla. Made from Alpaca (German Silver) and made in Argentina. Has an approximate length of 19cm.Perfect for drinking Argentinian style yerba.  May not work as well with yerba mate from Uruguay or Brasil...
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Box of Bon o bon traditional 450 gr
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Brand: Bon o bon Product Code: BON-TRAD02
Box of Bon o bon tradicional. Bonbons made of peanut, waffler and covered in chocolate.Light and tasty treat. The price is for a full box of 450g (aprox 30 bonbons)..
Box of Bon o bon White 450 gr
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Brand: Bon o bon Product Code: BON-BLAN02
Chocolate Bon o bon White 450gPeanut paste in a wafler covered with white chocolateBox of 450g (contains aprox 30 units)..
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Brand: CBSe Product Code: CBS003
It has the perfect mix of yerba mate and refreshing herbs. CBSé Herbs from Cuyo is the ideal companion for sweet snacks, pepitas cookies or pasta frola cake due to highlights of the sweetness of the herbs.INGREDIENTS: Yerba Mate, penniroyal, boldo, fenenl, incayuyo, coriander, chamomile, mint, herba..
$18.50 $21.95
Dulce de membrillo (quince) Arcor 700g Tin
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Product Code: ARC-QP700
Delicious quince paste to enjoy with your friends while you drink mate or have a glass of wine.Accompany with cheese or use to prepare the famous Pastafrola dessert!Tin 700g..
Esnaola sweet potato paste 700g
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Brand: Esnaola Product Code: ESN002
Sweet potato paste is delicious treat served with wine, breads and a cheese platter. Dulce de batata from Esnaola Argentina, is used in traditional Argentine pastries such as Tortas, Pastafrola, Facturas,  and Pastelitos. Esnaola Jellied Sweet Potato Paste with vanilla. Net Weight ..
Galletas chocolinas 170 gr
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Brand: Bagley Product Code: CHO-GALL
Galletas chocolinas 170 gr. Chocolate cookies great to make chocotorta!Chocotorta is an Argentinean cake made with chocolinas cookies dipped in chocolate milk, layered between a dulce de leche and cream cheese mixture. It is incredible easy to make and delicious!!This delicious chocotorta requires n..
Galletitas Merengadas
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Brand: Merengada Product Code: COOK_MER
Galletitas MerengadasVanilla cookies filled with mashmallow-type filling, delicious!..
Brand: Bagley Product Code: BAGLEY-01
Galletitas Surtido Bagley. Great selection of the best Bagley cookies including chocolinas, merengadas, coquitas, melba, panchitas and more....
KRAUS, Gaucho pure leaves (500g)
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Brand: Kraus Product Code: KGAU-500
KRAUS, Gaucho pure leaves (500g)Yerba mate pure leaves with low powder content, strong for the connoiseur...
La Parmesana Chimichurri 300ml
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Brand: La Parmesana Product Code: LAP001
La Parmesana CHIMICHURRI promises quality, taste and convenience! A delicate blend of oregano, red bell pepper, parsley, paprika & garlic. Chimichurri is traditionally used as an accompaniment to barbecued meat, as a marinade, dipping sauce and even as a salad dressing!..
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Brand: La Parmesana Product Code: LAP006
La Parmesana CHIMICHURRI HOT is a synonym for quality, taste and convenience! A delicate blend of oregano, red bell pepper, parsley, paprika, garlic with hot chili. Chimichurri is traditionally used as an accompaniment to barbecued meat, as a marinade, dipping sauce and even as a salad dressing..
Brand: La Selva Product Code: SEL001
Yerba Mate La Selva Tradicional is obtained through a careful selection process, drying, processing and packaging, to achieve the unique flavor of the traditional Uruguayan mate in a product of unsurpassed quality.La Selva is a typical Uruguayan pure leaf yerba mate, produced in Brasil for the Urugu..
Mate Rojo Linen Bag 500g
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Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-LN500
Mate Rojo Linen Bag 500g    Yerba Mate with stems in a cute linen bag, hand made...
Mate Rojo Suave Yerba Mate1 Kg
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Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-Sua-1K
Mate Rojo Suave 1 KgYerba mate with stems and low powder, aged for 24 months..
Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-TER500
Mate Rojo Terere 500g. Yerba mate with stems, very low powder content. Ideal to drink mate cold (terere)..
Mate Rojo yerba mate Box 250g
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Brand: Mate Rojo Product Code: MR-BOX0.25
Mate Rojo Box 250gYerba mate with stems in a convenient box...
Mate turned wood Algarrobo
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Product Code: MAT2740
Hand made, turned wood Algarrobo mate, for drinking yerba mate in the traditional way. Mate cups made of Algarrobo are popular because this sweet, fragrant wood contributes to the flavour, especially when used over time.Algarrobo is a tropical hardwood and is perfect for drinking mate as it does..
$24.95 $27.95
Pipore Yerba Mate 500g
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Brand: Pipore Yerba Mate Product Code: PIP004
Pipore Yerba Mate 500g Pipore yerba mate. Details: Loose leaf yerba mate, Net weight 0.5Kg.  Shipping weight 0.650Kg...
Brand: Playadito Product Code: Play-Tin-0.5
Playadito in Tin 500g. Yerba mate with stems in a convinient tin with pourer...
Brand: Playadito Product Code: Play-TER
Playadito Thermo. Ideal for mate. It has a special pourer that leads the water avoiding having a mess in your gourd and making your yerba mate lasting longer.Plastic cover with an inside made of glass. Very resistant and mantains water hot for up to 24 hrs...
Product Code: Play-1Kg
This cooperatively grown Yerba of Corrientes, Argentina, is a popular blend produced with stems. Processed with strict quality controls and accepted yerba mate traditions, it has a soft smooth, mellow flavour and is great for people who are looking for soft and lasting flavours and prefer an almost ..
Rosamonte normal CARTON 10 x 1KG
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Brand: Rosamonte Product Code: ROS-Nx10KG
Love drinking strong yerba mate? Say no more!This deal is awesome and will keep you going for a while. Carton with 10 Kg of yerba mate Rosamonte traditional with stems.Net weight is 10.4 Kg..
Rosamonte Normal Yerba Mate
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Brand: Rosamonte Product Code: ROS001
One of the most popular yerba mate from Argentina. Contains a blend of quality leaves with stems. Known for its strong flavor and long lasting taste. A very popular choice with serious yerba mate drinkers.Product Details:Net weight 1kg.Shipping weight 1.2Kg.Batch Expiry Date: 2021..
Brand: Rosamonte Product Code: ROS003
Classic Rosamonte flavour, smooth long lasting yerba mate taste.Product Details:Net weight 1kg.Shipping weight 1.2Kg.Batch Expiry Date: 2021..
Brand: Rosamonte Product Code: RosPlu-1
Rosamonte Yerba mate plusYerba mate with stems packed in a special container that prevents it from acquiring moisture.1 Kg Pack..
Rosamonte Yerba Mate suave special selection
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Brand: Rosamonte Product Code: RosSuE-1K
Rosamonte Yerba Mate soft special selectionThis is the soft version of Rosamonte with low content powder and aged for 24 month. A smoth and slightly smoked yerba, delcious!..
Brand: Sara Product Code: SAR001
Sara yerba mate was established in 1998 in Brazil, and has had a long tradition of producing a well crafted and traditional yerba mate.Sara traditional is a pure leaf blend...
Serena yerba mate no stems and herbs
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Brand: Canarias Product Code: SER-01
A special blend of yerba mate with aromatic herbs which include, Toronjil, Mburucuya, Mint and Tilo which makes it a more refreshing and relaxing Yerba Mate.A must try for yerba mate enthusiasts !Product Details:Net Weight: 1KgShipping weight 1.2Kg...
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Brand: Taragui Product Code: TAR016
A complete kit containing a Glass & Leather Gourd, Stainless Steel drinking Straw (bombilla) and 1/2 KG of Taragui Red Yerba Mate. Everything you need to start drinking Yerba Mate the Traditional Way in a great gift Pack...
Brand: Taragui Product Code: TAR004-10
This is a carton of 10x packets 1Kg Taragui Classic (sin palo, pure leaf - without stems) Shipping Weight is 10.3Kg Buy in bulk and save!! The # 1 brand yerba mate in South America - TARAGUI. ..
Brand: Taragui Product Code: TAR004
For those that like the fullest and long lasting flavour of yerba mate.  Has the same traditional taste as the classic blend, but without the stems.  The pure leaf blend is perfect for sharing with friends.  TARAGUI 100% Pure Leaf yerba mate. 100% Traditional taste.  Product Deta..
Brand: Taragui Product Code: TAR002
The #1 selling yerba mate in Argentina. Classic traditional long lasting flavor blend with stems.Las Marias the producer of Taragui (in Corrientes) has a long history as one of Argentina's oldest producers of yerba mate. Product Details:Net Weight: 1Kg.Shipping Weight:: 1.2KgBuy more and save..
Brand: Taragui Product Code: TAR002-10
Traditional Taragui yerba mate con palo This is a carton of 10x packets 1Kg Taragui Classic (con palo - with stems) Shipping Weight is 10.3Kg Buy in bulk and save. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------..
Brand: Union Product Code: UNIS1KG
A smooth traditional yerba mate with stems. Same traditional taste as Taragui, but softer or smoother in flavour. From the famous producers "Las Marias". A traditional flavour yerba mate with stems (con palo). Product Details: Net Weight: 1 Kg Shipping Weight: 1.1KgBuy more and save..
Brand: VERDEFLOR Product Code: VER-BOLD
Verde Flor yerba mate with boldo. Boldo (Peumus boldo) is a plant that grows in Southern Chile and Argentina. It is known for its medicinal purposes aiding digestion..
Brand: VERDEFLOR Product Code: VER-MENT
Verde Flor MentaYerba mate with stems and mint. Smooth and refreshing...
Brand: VERDEFLOR Product Code: VER-SERR0.5
Verde Flor jierbas Serranas. Yerba mate with stems and herbs from the mountains of the Cordoba province, 500g ..
Brand: VERDEFLOR Product Code: VER-SERR-1K
Verde Flor Serranas x 1kg. Smooth yerba mate with stems and herbs from the mountains in Cordoba..
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Brand: Yacuy Product Code: YAC001
Highest quality yerba mate from Brazil prepared as per traditional Uruguayan technology - green, fresh and fine milled to PU-1 standard.Fine ground Yerba Mate, almost transformed into powder to achieve very intense flavour.The grind and flavour is very similar to Canarias yerba mate.Net Weight 1KgSh..
$16.50 $20.50
YACUY Yerba Mate with Guarana and Green Tea 500g
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Brand: Yacuy Product Code: YAC005
A highly energetic and stimulating mix. Ingredients: Yerba Mate, Fennel, Green Tea, Guarana extract and flavour. Net Weight 500gShipping weight 600g..
$7.50 $12.50
Product Code: ROS-NOR10KG
Special offer, grab 10 kilos of your favourite yerba mate Rosamonte Normal10 kilos!!!..
Brand: Playadito Product Code: Play-HER
Yerba mate Playadito with herbs 500gDelicate blend of herbs from the Cordoba region of Argentina, mild and smooth yerba matedelicious hot or cold!..
Product Code: ROMAN-0.5
Yerba Romance  x 500gr. Yerba mate with stems and high powder content. Long lasting..
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